Records Management

Key Software, Inc. is a leading provider of Content Management Solutions and related professional services. We are uniquely qualified and equipped to provide practical, cost-effective document management solutions.

Key Software provides solid technical expertise in developing unique solutions to your conversion needs. We also provide highly specialized products and processing of image conversion services that other vendors cannot handle at our rates. Let our expertise work for you.

Enterprise-level forms processing software.



Web and/or Client-Server document retrieval solution.



Scanning solution works with any type of scanner.








FormWare® is universal forms processing platform that automatically identifies and processes both paper and electronic forms, regardless of their design or point of origin.



  • Captures form data from any source—paper, faxes, scanned images, Internet forms, electronic forms and electronic data streams

  • Integrates seamlessly with Captiva’s InputAccel® to create a single platform for both forms processing and document capture

  • ISIS®-enabled Scan module supports nearly 300 scanner models at rated speeds

  • Imports images and electronic data streams from other sources

  • Handles single-page and multipage forms

  • Enhances images to improve form identification, recognition results and screen displays

  • Verifies image quality automatically or by visual inspection

  • Performs fast and accurate form identification without human assistance

  • Reads machine print (OCR), handprint (ICR), cursive writing, marks (OMR) and 1D and 2D barcodes (PDF-417)

  • Locates and extracts data in structured and unstructured forms

  • Includes a high-speed interface for reject/repair, key-from-image, key-from-paper and double-key verification

  • Enables both out-of-context and in-context reject/repair

  • Provides one-pass and multi-pass editing capabilities

  • Employs a suite of predefined business rules for data validation

  • Features VBA support for implementing enterprise-specific business rules

  • Perfects address fields using Captiva’s PerfectPost™ database

  • Outputs data and images in many formats, including XML, PDF, HTML, ASCII, Word and ANSI 837 and 812 (HIPAA compliant)

  • Interfaces to ODBC-compliant databases and leading workflow, document and content management systems and storage and retrieval applications.




  • Provides a rapid application development environment

  • Avoids the need for highly skilled programming resources

  • Enables the creation of templates for forms and documents as well as Internet and electronic forms

  • Optimizes applications with "on-the-fly" testing capabilities

  • Lets you create and manage sophisticated SQL database driven workflows

  • Supports up to eight user-definable processing levels

  • Supports multiple workflows simultaneously

  • Includes system and security configuration options and reporting capabilities

  • Provides detailed tracking statistics and performance data for scanners, recognition engines and data entry operators

  • Tracks changes to field-level data at every stage within the process

  • Makes system administration easy and productive

  • Scales as needed to meet changing business requirements




  • Creates an enterprise-wide information capture solution

  • Lets you distribute processing anywhere in the world

  • Enables browser-based key-from-image and field-level data entry

  • Provides remote scanning capabilities

  • Supports remote completion tasks

  • Distributes work to and collects data from off-site data entry operators

  • Collects data from Internet and electronic forms

  • Validates all data as it is being captured



Key Benefits 

  • High speed scanning with color dropout.
  • Automatic page and zone registration.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Intelligent data validation.
  • Customized data management.
  • Customized data population.
  • Search, view, fax, print, email.
  • Stand-alone or multi user environment.
  • State of the art technology.






Whether you need to access your documents online or your local network, KSRetrieve is your best choice. This document retrieval application has a unique and powerful search and sort capability That can help you retrieve your desired document in a matter of seconds. The web version of KSRetrieve is fully utilized with Internet Explorer to retrieve web optimized PDF format documents. KSRetrieve can connect to any type of data source and user can switch between them at any time.


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There is only one scanning software that can fulfill all of your scanning needs. KSScan communicates with most of the scanners using ISIS or TWAIN drivers. We also have a customized version of this software that communicates with KOFAX cards to use the special capabilities of KOFAX cards ( Barcode & Patchcode reading, Auto Endorse, Deshade, Deskew, Despeckle, Line & Border Removal and ...)