Healthcare & EZ-CAP® Solutions

Key Software, Inc. offers customized third party applications that enhance the EZ-CAP® system.




Introducing KeyStone Products


KeyStone Software provides real solutions for real problems. Developed and designed to offer an easier and more reliable way of handling the increasing demands of processing managed care information, our entire line of user-friendly software is fully compatible with EZ-CAP® technology, and is 100% supported by the experts at Key Software. Providing customized and cost-effective solutions for our clients is how we've built our reputation. Now with KeyStone Software, you can discover just how easy IT can be.



KeyStone Medicare Quick-Claim

Our Medicare Quick-Claim pricing software is specialized to work seamlessly with EZ-CAP®, ensuring precise inpatient and outpatient assignments for all of your Medicare hospital claims. With instant, accurate, and up-to-date pricing, you will eliminate the need to maintain complex fee schedules, while reducing the potential for costly errors.

  • Quick and simple processing of claims saves you time and money

  • Easily re-prices EZ-CAP® claims

  • Streamlined to complete the task with just 2 clicks

  • Eliminates potential for costly double data entry errors

  • Keeps you regularly updated with real-time government fee schedules



KeyStone EPU Plus

The KeyStone EPU Plus software makes the chore of processing member eligibility much simpler and more efficient. Whether you're a large or small business, EPU Plus software increases your employees' hourly productivity by providing many advanced features that will allow them to handle a large volume of eligibility data with ease.

  • Automatically resolves any EZ-LINK® conflicts

  • Handles large volumes of member eligibility data

  • Compatible with EZ-CAP® for seamless use

  • Tracks the complete history of a member

  • Accepts most major health plan data formats



KeyStone Easy-View 2

Now there's faster and more efficient way to review scanned information with the new KeyStone Easy-View 2. With one easy click, you're able to view scanned claims at the same time, and on same screen, as your EZ-CAP® claim form. Easy-View 2 also gives you the ability to bring up provider's notes and attachments, delivering an immediate, total snapshot for review. You've got to see it to believe it!

  • Reinvents the way information is accessed and integrated

  • Combines with EZ-CAP® to provide an easy to read, one-screen snapshot of a claim

  • One-click access to locate and view all scanned information

  • Compatible with Captiva® or any other scanning system

  • Saves you time while increasing efficiency



KeyStone Claimware 837

The Claimware 837 from Key Software is the perfect low-cost solution for processing electronic claims with accuracy and ease. Claimware 837 functions seamlessly with EZ-CAP® and EZ-LINK® to make inloading claims a breeze. And it can be easily customized to capture and store EZ-CAP® memos and notes.

  • Low Cost alternative for accurate 837 claim processing

  • Fast setup and installation

  • Automatic provider and member lookup and validation

  • Produces status and log files

  • Customizable to meet specific needs and to help save time




Other Applications



Key Software provides numerous other products and services to increase your operating efficiency. Customized applications to suit your specific business needs are also our specialty.



Imaging Solutions

Depending on the volume of your claims, Key Software offers different imaging solutions to fit your needs. As a Captiva partner, we offer a complete claims processing solution using a customized version of Captiva's Claimpack. Our system will process your paper claims from scanning all the way to loading them into your EZ-CAP® or other claim processing system. The process includes automated data entry using OCR technology, member and provider lookups, data validation, and image storage and retrieval. Our solution is stream lined and requires minimum user interaction.


Automated Adjudication

Only limited by your imagination, we provide processing scripts to automatically adjudicate your claims. Our vast experience with claim adjudication allows us to customize our solutions to fit your requirements. By minimizing user-interaction during your claim processing and auditing operations, you will increase your operating efficiency and decrease your labor costs. Automated processing of authorizations is also available.